A few years ago, the only method to obtain a roof measurement was to climb a ladder and measure it with tape. Contractors now have a variety of choices for getting roof measurements due to the high-resolution aerial imaging and other modern technologies.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy,

For years, roofing contractors have relied on the technique of manually measuring a roof. A contractor can be assured of the numbers if they measure themselves. As a result, material orders will be more accurate. But safety becomes a huge concern in this method. People should spend more time on the roofs to get the exact roof measurements.

So, aerial measurement technology comes to the rescue. Aerial measurement technology has been around for nearly 15 years, and it provides a lot of benefits for roofing contractors. This method creates a 3D representation of the property using high-resolution aerial photography and computer algorithms. It retrieves measurements that have a better accuracy rate.

Contractors can be benefitted because they don’t have to spend time visiting the property as well as greater safety provided by the fact that the roof measurement can be taken without climbing.

Our specialists weighed the advantages and disadvantages of hand roof measurement versus aerial measurement technology and collaborated with industry professionals to create Aerial Estimation Roof Reports, which is a unique solution.

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