Contractors may reduce risks and responsibility by using aerial data to gather all essential dimensions, slopes, and insight without ever having to step foot on the roof. Another important factor in enhancing efficiency is ensuring that aerial data is effectively integrated with the contractor's estimating system. Refer to the article Roofing in an hour? on our blog.

Accurate aerial measurement might make a big difference between profit and loss when proposing roofing contracts. With us, you can be certain that the dimensions you are using to create your proposals are accurate.



A high-resolution top-down view of a U.S. suburban area.



A close top-down view.

Our reports offer exact area, pitch, and length measurements by integrating multi-angle aerial pictures with powerful analytics. Every detail, from ridges, hips, and valleys to verges, eaves, and flashings, is distinguished by color-coding. You will save time if you receive your reports quickly. Your proposals will stand out with high-resolution aerial views and 3D diagrams.

Contractors may rely on us for extensive and precise physical property measurements to help them optimize construction operations. Roofing industry professionals may enhance sales closing rates, boost production planning, avoid risks, and maximize profits by saving time and ordering materials more precisely with the help of our roof estimation reports.

Premium aerial reports are accessible with us for both residential and commercial properties and include the following information,

  1.  Aerial photographs at high resolution
  2.  A three-dimensional rendering of the roof
  3.  Color-coded detail and line lengths for ridges, hips, valleys,   verges, eaves, flashing, and step flashing for ridges, hips, valleys,   verges, eaves, flashing, and step flashing
  4.  Notes diagrams
  5.  A page containing waste calculations as a summary         

Our reports are effective tools for roofing industry experts who want to boost profits, lessen the risks, and eliminate measuring and ordering errors. From lead generation to project delivery, the reports can be used at any point in your business.