Being first to bid often means winning the job. Gathering project knowledge through site visits before preparing proposals simply takes too much time and often results in losing the job to the contractor who was there first with a job estimate. So how does a contractor secure reliable, accurate roof measurement information about a property without a site visit? 

Fortunately, the advances in technology that are fuelling consumers’ need for instant gratification have also created new tools for the contractor. Aerial measurement technology was introduced to the industry in 2008, a powerful tool that delivers precise roof measurements to contractors. Relied on by contractors across the country, the roof measurement reports have changed the way many do business by providing accurate, detailed information about a property’s exterior before setting foot on site. Roof reports have even opened the door for companies who specialize in areas outside of roofing to confidently prepare an estimate for a roofing job.




But can it be delivered faster? A detailed, full measurement report typically delivers in 24-48 hours, but the restoration contracting communities have said that’s not fast enough. Now there’s a new “Instant Squares Report”  By Aerial Estimation to deliver the approximate square footage and predominant pitch of a residential roof, and up to one detached structure, within one hour of ordering, allowing contractors to deliver the project estimates faster than ever before. 

According to Joe Fernandez, his company has realized unexpected cost savings from using the reports. “It has made a huge impact on safety and our insurance costs. By not allowing the sales reps to go on the roof, the cost of our liability and worker’s compensation insurance has decreased.”

In addition to providing the basic information needed to deliver a roofing bid quickly, the roof report can be a powerful sales and marketing tool. It includes the option to customize a cover page with a logo and contact information. The $12 price point lends itself to the roof report being used as a lead-generation tool. Many contractors will order a roof report on every house in the neighborhood, sending a salesperson to each door, armed with a roof report and estimate. 


Joe Fernandez agrees. “We use the homeowner version of the roof report and the customers appreciate the attention to detail and the time we have taken to cover everything,” he explained. “They like it too because it helps in their personal record keeping of repairs, maintenance, and completed work.”

After closing the sale, contractors can easily upgrade to the full report. The speed of the roof report combined with the accuracy of the premium report allows contractors to not only close the sale quickly but then receive the details needed to place precise material orders, confirm payments for subcontractors if needed and plan the job production.

  “We use that for our material order and with our laborers – it breaks down everything and provides exact roof measurements so there is no running back and forth for materials and no arguments with labor over the size of the roof.”