Comparing Roof Measurement Methods: Laying Down The Pros and Cons

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Just 15 years ago, there was only one way to get a roof measurement—climb a ladder and run a tape measure. Now, with high-resolution aerial imagery and other new technology, contractors have multiple options for securing measurements. Here is a look at the pros and cons of each method.

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Aerial Roof Estimations save you from getting up on a ladder and risk life and limb for a couple of scribbles on a bit of paper, yet there’s a lot more to it than that. This is the BEST and MOST ACCURATE approach to measure your roof.


You’ll Save Hours: No baking in the hot sun the entire day as you fight your roof for positioning. A couple of clicks and you’re finished. Utilize those hours to design your DIY project.


You’re in Control. Not the Contractor: If you pay a contractor to take estimations, they have all the influence. They’ll pick work and materials and make you pay for overhead costs (in addition to more to cushion their pockets).


Get Accurate Measurements AND Estimates in Minutes: Satellites are more exact than the most encountered contractor’s hands. You’ll get EXACT estimations of your roof with no human mistake. We’ll even give an estimate of costs depending on the normal roofing materials.

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Satellite Roof Measurements by Aerial Estimation

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There is an extraordinary method to help manage estimates on the amount it would cost to replace your roof. Satellite Roof Measurements help you effectively know the estimation of your roof. The aerial measurement even accounts for rakes, edges, hips, and valleys for an exact measurement. For what reason would you need this information about your roof? There are several advantages to having the measurements of your roof. Coming up next are a portion of the advantages of knowing your own satellite roof measurement of your home or business.

Roof Measurements Aerial Estimation



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What Is an Aerial Roof Measurement Report?

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The Roof Measurement Report provides a detailed analysis of your roof layout and all the critical dimensions. … This report saves your time and enables accurate roof estimates for a roof repair or replacement. This is a professional grade report used for use by licensed roofing contractors or insurance companies.


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