Why Should You Leave the Ladder at Home and Leave the Measurement to Us?

Aerial roof measurements are being used by commercial and residential roofers to simplify their assessment and quoting processes, so, you can save time and money on on-site checks, estimate materials, and labor costs remotely.


Your capability to rapidly and properly acquire measurements and analyze the current roof condition is vital to effective and cost-effective roofing work. Replace multiple site visits with an online roof measuring tools that use recent aerial photographs to increase customer engagement. With the use of high-resolution aerial maps, you can reduce traffic and safety risks and provide quick, precise quotes.

Use high-resolution imagery to precisely measure roof pitch and area, allowing you to provide quotes and plan materials and equipment without ever having to step foot on the job site. Before you start the job, assess the height of the building to figure out what tools you will need.

We simplify the measuring and estimating process by providing contractors, architects, engineers, insurance adjusters, and others with precise, economical, and quick take-off reports. Our measurement take-off reports are created with the most up-to-date aerial satellite imagery and software, and we even supply blueprint-based results as well.

Each report is written by a group of highly skilled and experienced technicians and then combined into informative yet concise, eco-friendly reports. We produce brief reports for you to go through them fast rather than long ones.

You may show up to a job site with a professional report that distinguishes you apart from your competitors, because of an unparalleled response time and a greater accuracy rate. Our first goal is customer service and commitment, which is why we provide cutting-edge technologies to our clients. Refer to The Benefits of Satellite Roof Measurements on our blog for more details.



Now Aerial Estimation offers satellite roof measurements free trial to test accuracy and turn around time.