Why Should You Leave the Ladder at Home and Leave the Measurement to Us?

More than half of construction companies are allowing employees to work remotely after the implementation of COVID-19 and social distancing standards earlier this year. As a result, many companies are exploring new ways to meet client demands, especially during the present storm season, when homes are being destroyed by hail, winds, and tornado debris.



In addition to safety precautions, employees, job productivity and your results have significance. Consider how long it takes to put together an estimate on a normal task — it can take numerous site visits, each costing hundreds of dollars, which is time-consuming, inefficient, and expensive.


The perfect virtual property reports will give you accurate measurement data, saving you time and money on travel expenses while also ensuring job site safety.


Aerial Estimation has been the gold standard for accurate roof measuring reports for more than a decade – it's in our DNA. That's because we provide major roof measurements generated from ultra-high-resolution aerial images, condensed into a simple report or analysis that you can include into your workflow straight now. Using Aerial Estimation, millions of roofing, siding and solar installation tasks have been done, with constant and exact property measurements taken from those images, calculated down to the individual pixel.


Why is aerial estimation the most cost-effective option for your company, employees, and bottom line? Let's see how we compare to the competition in terms of accuracy, coverage, and scalability.



Aerial Estimation's high-resolution aerial imagery has a Ground Sample Distance of 5cm or better, providing up to 4x the detail of conventional aerial imaging and 70x that of satellite imagery, which cannot provide true and correct pitch values. Aerial Estimation, on the other hand, provides a full 360-degree image of the house recorded at true 45-degree angles to provide our customers with exact pitch calculations that lead to accurate roof area square footage and linear measurements. We calculate the metrics that go into every Aerial Estimation property report using these ultra-high-resolution images.


These measurements are provided in a variety of formats in our property reports, including a handy PDF graphic as well as XML, ESX, and DXF files that could be loaded directly into your chosen software platform.


How reliable is the information contained in these reports?

Although diagram measurements have been adjusted to the nearest foot in the PDF for ease of reading, correct measurements are always calculated. In fact, the dimensions in the digital files that go with it are accurate to the ninth decimal point. For example, a measurement in the PDF that was given as 12 feet was estimated as 11.863894684 feet. The data is displayed to one decimal point in the Aerial Estimation reports (ex. 11.9 feet).


Instead of being rounded to the nearest foot, you can have measurements in the PDF shown in feet and inches. Additionally, the downloadable measurement data includes line-specific geo-coordinates that can be utilized to develop precise models. This metadata is always available in the mobile app's visualizer, as well as in XML, ESX, and DXF formats.



We've got you covered when it comes to the breadth of our data. Our collection offers the highest-quality, most-recently updated aerial photography of urban and rural areas in the United States and Canada, covering 98 percent of the population.

Machine learning is used to extract data from photos, instantly answer property questions, and automate procedures throughout your workflow. In addition, our customer support team is ready at all times to guarantee that our products are properly deployed.



Aerial Estimation allows customers to order and consume measurement data without ever having to set foot on a construction site. Aerial Estimation conducts all of the legwork for you, providing you with precise measurements based purely on our aerial photography. You may order a report from your office, your car, or even your couch.


You may have heard competitors claim that their property measurements are "the same but less expensive" than those provided by Aerial Estimation. Even a 1% increase in accuracy, on the other hand, can result in enormous profit implications that are orders of magnitude greater than the money you initially ‘saved' on that report. Whereas other solutions on the market require on-site photographs or hand drawings to examine a property, our technology gives you the exact answers you need virtually, allowing you to focus on keeping your staff safe, closing more business, and increasing profitability.


Now Aerial Estimation offering satellite roof measurements free trial to test accuracy and turn around time.